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Having a Cake smash ?

August 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Having a cake smash can be great fun, if its well organised.

Below is a short compilation of what to expect at the shoot & also things you may need to bring with you or have to hand.

Don't expect your child to jump straight in - 9 times out of 10 they need a little time to come round to the fact that they are aloud to make a mess, plus its nice to get a few images with the cake and balloons etc before carnage ensues.
Keep spectators down to a minimum - This will help your child to be more relaxed and not so overwhelmed by all the noise and other distractions.

Plenty of space - If your chosen photographer is coming to you, they will need as much space as you can possibly give them, having plenty of space can make a big difference to the images that are captured.

Allowing plenty of time - Allow at least 2 hours for your cake smash, its not a quick process & you want your child to enjoy themselves, its probably one of the only times they will ever be aloud to make so much mess.
Wear old clothes - It's advisable for parents to wear old clothes to the shoot as in all likely hood you will be covered in cake while encouraging your little one.

Balloons - If you are having balloons make sure they are kept low down, ideally the same height as your child, this ensures they are not getting towered over by balloons, plus it means your photographer will have an easier job of getting them in shot.

Gooey Cake - If you are providing your own cake make sure its as gooey and soft as possible, this way you know they can break it up easily plus make the most mess.
Well there you go guy's, just remember to have fun and get as messy as possible, make it a day to remember.



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